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cheap Digital billboards vegasDigital Billboards in Las Vegas aren’t like the conventional billboards advertisements you’ll find around the country.  Digital billboards are actually part of the Las Vegas experience.  Visitors expect them, they look for them, they want to experience the city and the Las Vegas Strip through the exciting events and offers shown on Las Vegas billboards.

The problem with any local market is the limited amount of space for advertisements and billboards in the best locations for visibility and traffic.

Digital billboards, either static on buildings or structures – or mobile digital billboards on custom vehicles offer the ability to change the message at specific times for events, short run advertisements, or even do test runs or split testing of messages to determine the most effective ad for the advertiser before spending a lot of money.

Digital billboards in Vegas provide motion, brightness, color, and engagement.

Mariah digital billboard vegasThe cost effectiveness of digital billboards gives the small business owner or event planner the ability to place ads in the hottest locations in Las Vegas – without the huge budgets of the big advertisers.  In fact, our digital billboards in Vegas have  been used for employee recognition, memorials, and even marriage proposals.

Call today to see how we can help you drive traffic to your business or event.  In addition to digital billboards, we have walking billboards, static (printed) billboards, brand ambassadors who can engage with the public and even hand out fliers, coupons, or other offers.  Our clients include some of the biggest names in the country, but we love helping the small businesses get noticed – you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to get started.

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